More Information on the Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar:

If a risk of direct face forward impact is present for the wearer, the Danmar Hard Shell Helmet with Face Bar can reduce this risk when worn properly.

The bar does not pivot, and is screwed securely into place. A popular choice of accessories is our chin guard, in addition to this helmet.

The weight of the helmet averages 21 ounces.

Hard shells are available in White or Black.

Black shells include a black liner (Standard).

White shells offer your choice of Pink, Royal Blue, and Casa Tan.

Custom liner colors are available at an additional cost and require additional lead time from manufacturer.

**A FREE set of 4 Cush-In-Pads are included with every helmet for more individualized sizing adjustments, if needed.**

***If child's head circumference falls between helmet sizes, additional cushions may be needed. See Optional Liner Cushions found below.***

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